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LogLinTransformation class

The LogLinTransformation class manages forward and reverse transformations in log or linear coordinate space.


Header file:		ncarg/hlu/LogLinTransformation.h
Class name:		logLinTransformationClass
Class pointer:		<Not referenceable>
Fortran class function:	<Not referenceable>
Superclass:		Transformation
Composite classes:	<None>


Local resources

LogLinTransformation resources are accessible only through Transform class objects that use the LogLinTransformation to manage transformations to and from data space. These include:

|		LogLinTransformation Resource Set		|
| trXLog                        NhlTInteger             RCSG    |
|       TrXLog                          0                       |
| trYLog                        NhlTInteger             RCSG    |
|       TrYLog                          0                       |

Composite resources

The LogLinTransformation class has no composite class objects.

Superclass resources

You can set all resources defined by the superclasses of the LogLinTransformation object class, including:


The LogLinTransformation provides transformations in logarithmic or linear coordinate space for Transform class objects. Its Transformation superclass provides the basic resources for specifying the coordinate extent and direction. LogLinTransformation adds resources that specify for each each axis whether it is to be linear or logarithmic.

You do not create objects of the LogLinTransformation class directly. Transform objects that use a LogLinTransformation child, however, generally provide controlled access to some or all of its resources. Ordinarily they set the default extent and direction resources based on values contained in a currently associated data object. By manipulating the Transformation superclass resources, however, you can define coordinate spaces that arbitrarily intersect or encompass the data space.

Support functions

There are no special support functions defined for the LogLinTransformation class or its superclasses.


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