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LogLinPlot class

The LogLinPlot class draws immediate mode lines and may be used to map overlay plots into a log or linear coordinate space.


Header file:		ncarg/hlu/LogLinPlot.h
Class name:		logLinPlotClass
Class pointer:		NhllogLinPlotClass
Fortran class pointer:	NHLFLOGLINPLOTCLASS
Superclass:		Transform
Composite classes:	LogLinTransformation, PlotManager


Local resources

The LogLinPlot object has no local resources.

Composite resources

LogLinTransformation resources

You can access all LogLinTransformation resources. These resources define the extent and direction of the data coordinates, and whether each axis is to use a logarithmic or linear coordinate system.

PlotManager resources

Assuming tfPlotManagerOn is True when a LogLinPlot object is created, you can access all PlotManager resources. You can also access resources for any of the PlotManager composite class members. However, the PlotManager object modifies the access and behavior of some of the resources belonging to these objects, as follows:

Superclass resources

You can access all resources defined by the superclasses of the LogLinPlot object class, including:


Unlike most Transform subclasses, LogLinPlot has no specialized plot elements and no NhlDraw method of its own. Its primary function is to act as a base plot over which other plot objects may be overlaid in order to transform their data space into a log/linear coordinate space. Like other members of the Transform class, LogLinPlot can also function as a "canvas" for drawing graphics primitives, either in data space or in NDC space.

You can transform a plot object into log/linear coordinate space by overlaying it on a loglinplot. The log/linear coordinate space may encompass the data space of any number of overlaid plot objects with partially or completely disjoint data coordinate extents. You set the extent and direction of the data coordinate space, as well as whether one or both axes should use a logarithmic coordinate system, using the resources of the LogLinTransformation object belonging to the LogLinPlot. LogLinPlot allows unrestricted access to all the resources of its LogLinTransformation object.

Assuming tfPlotManagerOn is True when you create a LogLinPlot object, the LogLinPlot object has the same plot management capabilities as any other plot object. The LogLinPlot object does not intercept any resources belonging to the PlotManager object or the composite class members of the PlotManager. Therefore, you access these resources just as described for the PlotManager object itself.

Support functions

The LogLinPlot object does not define any support functions, but inherits all the support functions available to its superclasses.


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