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Base class

The Base class provides the base functionality used by all objects in the HLU library.


Header file:		ncarg/hlu/Base.h
Class name:		baseClass
Class pointer:		<Not referenceable>
Fortran class function:	<Not referenceable>
Superclass:		<NONE>
Composite classes:	<NONE>

Class-defined types

Type name:		NhlTPointer
Definition:		typedef void *NhlPointer;

Type name:		NhlTVariable
Definition:		Any "scalar" value.

Type name:		NhlTString
Definition:		typedef char *NhlString;

Type name:		NhlTCharacter
Definition:		char

Type name:		NhlTByte
Definition:		typedef char NhlByte;

Type name:		NhlTShort
Definition:		short

Type name:		NhlTInteger
Definition:		int

Type name:		NhlTLong
Definition:		long

Type name:		NhlTFloat
Definition:		float

Type name:		NhlTDouble
Definition:		double

Type name:		NhlTBoolean
Definition:		typedef int NhlBoolean;	/* 0 is False, non-0 is True */

Type name:		NhlTFont
Definition:		typedef int NhlFont; /* pseudo-enum */
	                       	{0,     "pwritx"},
				{1,     "default"},
				{1,     "ugly"},
				{2,     "cartographic_roman"},
				{3,     "cartographic_greek"},
				{4,     "simplex_roman"},
				{5,     "simplex_greek"},
				{6,     "simplex_script"},
				{7,     "complex_roman"},
				{8,     "complex_greek"},
				{9,     "complex_script"},
				{10,    "complex_italic"},
				{11,    "complex_cyrillic"},
				{12,    "duplex_roman"},
				{13,    "triplex_roman"},
				{14,    "triplex_italic"},
				{15,    "gothic_german"},
				{16,    "gothic_english"},
				{17,    "gothic_italian"},
				{18,    "math_symbols"},
				{19,    "symbol_set1"},
				{20,    "symbol_set2"},
				{21,    "helvetica"},
				{22,    "helvetica-bold"},
				{25,    "times-roman"},
				{26,    "times-bold"},
				{29,    "courier"},
				{30,    "courier-bold"},
				{33,    "greek"},
				{34,    "math-symbols"},
				{35,    "text-symbols"},
				{36,    "weather1"},
				{37,    "weather2"},
				{121,    "o_helvetica"},
				{122,    "o_helvetica-bold"},
				{125,    "o_times-roman"},
				{126,    "o_times-bold"},
				{129,    "o_courier"},
				{130,    "o_courier-bold"},
				{133,    "o_greek"},
				{134,    "o_math-symbols"},
				{135,    "o_text-symbols"},
				{136,    "o_weather1"},
				{137,    "o_weather2"},

Type name:		NhlTGenArray
Definition:		Any array.

Type name:		NhlTPointerGenArray
Definition:		An array of NhlPointer elements.

Type name:		NhlTStringGenArray
Definition:		An array of NhlString elements.

Type name:		NhlTByteGenArray
Definition:		An array of NhlByte elements.

Type name:		NhlTCharacterGenArray
Definition:		An array of char elements.

Type name:		NhlTShortGenArray
Definition:		An array of short elements.

Type name:		NhlTIntegerGenArray
Definition:		An array of int elements.

Type name:		NhlTLongGenArray
Definition:		An array of long elements.

Type name:		NhlTFloatGenArray
Definition:		An array of float elements.

Type name:		NhlTDoubleGenArray
Definition:		An array of double elements.

Type name:		NhlTBooleanGenArray
Definition:		An array of NhlBoolean elements.

Type name:		NhlTObjId
Definition:		An object ID.

Type name:		NhlTObjIdGenArray
Definition:		An array of object ID elements.


The Base class does not define any public resources.


This object is the base of all other objects in the HLU library. It provides much of the functionality that is available for all other objects in the library.

Support functions

The following support functions are defined for objects of type Base:
The NhlCreate function is used to create an instance of any HLU object.
The NhlSetValues function is used to modify the current values of any HLU object.
The NhlGetValues function is used to retrieve the current values of any HLU object.
The NhlDraw function is the way to tell an object to produce its graphical output. Calling the NhlDraw Function on a Workstation object causes all of that Workstation object's children to draw.
The NhlDestroy function is used to destroy any HLU object, freeing all memory and system resources used by the object.

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