heat_stress.ncl functions

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heat_apptemp Compute apparent temperature.
heat_discoi Compute a simplified human discomfort index.
heat_discoi_stull Compute the human discomfort index due to excessive heat and humidity using the Stull wet bulb temperature (wetbulb_stull).
heat_esidx_moran Compute an environmental stress index (ESI) which is an alternative to the wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT).
heat_humidex Compute the 'feels-like' temperature for humans.
heat_index_nws Compute the 'heat index' as calculated by the National Weather Service.
heat_swamp_cooleff Compute the swamp cooler temperatures at 65% amd 80% efficiency.
heat_thic_thip Compute the thermal humidity comfort index (thic) and the thermal humidity physiology index (thip).
heat_wbgt_inout Compute the composite Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) index with options for indoor or outdoor formulations.
heat_wbgt_simplified Simplified WBGT index.