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NCL Graphics: WRF (3D data)

This page is rather out-of-date. We recommend that you visit the more up-to-date WRF-ARW Online Tutorial for examples of using NCL to plot WRF-ARW data.

The WRF "3D" model output uses cartesian coordinates (MAP_PROJ=0). Geographic related variables and information (eg, XLAT, XLONG, CEN_LAT, etc) are zero-filled and can be ignored. The distance between grid points and the time-step are available from the global attributes DX, DY and DT, respectively.

All subscript references in the global attributes refer to Fortran ordering. They start at one (1): eg: WEST-EAST_PATCH_START_UNSTAG=1. Remember that NCL is written in C. A Fortran subscript of 1 corresponds to an NCL subscript of 0.

WRF_3d_1.ncl: A simple plane view of the pressure field at a specific time and level is presented. chartostring, is used to convert the times variable (which is of type character) to type string for plotting purposes.

The default contour mode is black and white. Setting the cnFillOn turns on color. NCL's default color map contains very distinct colors. It is generally not used for contour plots. Learn more about color techniques.

For illustration, the x and y coordinates are calculated and plotted.