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NCL Graphics: WRF (2D data)

This page is rather out-of-date. We recommend that you visit the more up-to-date WRF-ARW Online Tutorial for examples of using NCL to plot WRF-ARW data.

The WRF "2D" model output uses cartesian coordinates (MAP_PROJ=0). Geographic related variables and information (eg, XLAT, XLONG, CEN_LAT, etc) are zero-filled and can be ignored. The distance between grid points and the time-step are available from the global attributes DX, DY and DT, respectively.

WRF_2d_1.ncl: Simple black and white vertical cross sections. The second plot draws the negative values as dashed lines and move the location of the contour info label box.
WRF_2d_2.ncl: The color plot uses symMinMaxPlt to determine 'nice' min/max contour levels so blue and red represent down and up motions.
WRF_2d_3.ncl: Simple black and white vector plot of vertical motion.