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NCL Workshops

NCL workshops are tailored to students and researchers in the earth sciences who are interested in learning how to use NCL to analyze their data. The workshops at NCAR in Boulder workshops are free for all EPSCoR/MSI students, with a modest registration fee for everyone else.

See this sample NCL workshop schedule and list of prerequisites to see if the workshops will be useful for you.

Interested in hosting an NCL workshop? If so, visit this page for more information.

Upcoming NCL workshops

June 6-9, 2017
Corporate Technical Training Center, NCAR
3085 Center Green Drive, Building CG-2
Boulder, Colorado
Registration not open yet.

Travel support provided for qualified students in the United States

NCAR/CISL offers travel support for eligible students and faculty members from EPSCoR states and minority-serving institutions (MSIs) in the United States to attend the NCL workshops. Travel support may be used cover designated hotel airfare and hotel. Past attendees of NCL workshops are not eligible.

To apply, follow these three steps:

  1. Verify that your university or college qualifies as being an MSI or in an EPSCoR state.

  2. Register for the workshop using this RegOnline Registration Form and Survey.

  3. Fill out this application and email it and a copy of your resume or CV to

The deadline for filling out the application AND registering is December 2, 2016.

The deadline is so we have time to arrange your travel and accomodations. DO NOT BOOK YOUR OWN TRAVEL AS THIS WILL VOID THE APPLICATION.

We will try to contact you within a week once we receive both the application and your registration. If you don't hear back from us after a week, email

Past workshops

List of past NCL workshops at NCAR, universities, and research sites world-wide.

Articles on workshops

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November 24, 2014

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February 12, 2014

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April 2, 2012


  • The workshops offer a combination of introductory lectures and hands-on labs. During the labs, the instructors work with students to help them write NCL programs for analyzing their own data.

  • Lecture topics:
    • Overview of NCL
    • Overview of NetCDF and other data formats
    • NCL language basics
    • File input/output
    • Data analysis
    • Graphics
    • NCL website tour

  • Workshops are generally 3.5 days, with the first three days being lectures in the morning and hands-on labs in the afternoon. The fourth day is an optional morning lab.

  • NCAR workshops in Boulder are free for EPSCoR/MSI students, with a modest registration fee for everyone else. They're usually held at the Corporate Technical Training Center (CTTC) at the Center Green Campus in Boulder. This center provides a computer for every attendee. Space is limited to 16 students.

  • We may also be available to teach workshops at your site, if time and budget permits and there is an appropriate teaching lab available (projector for presentations, and LINUX/UNIX computers running NCL for the students). If you are interested in having us teach a workshop at your site, please visit this page for more information.


In order to attend an NCL workshop, students must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have a basic knowledge of basic UNIX command line operations, for example:
    • listing the directory contents
    • moving and/or copying files from one directory to another
    • editing programs or scripts using a UNIX editor
    • executing programs or scripts from the UNIX command line
    • using ftp/sftp to upload or download files

  • Have written code using an interpreted (e.g. Python, IDL, MATLAB) or a non-interpreted (e.g. Fortran, C) computer language.

    Students who don't have knowledge of basic UNIX commands or at least one computer language will likely find the NCL workshop too advanced.

Useful links for participants

Information for out-of-town visitors

The NCL workshops in Boulder are held at:

Corporate Technical Training Center (CTTC)
Center Green Campus, Building CG-2
3085 Center Green Drive
Boulder, Colorado 80301
United States

For more information about the CTTC and the Center Green Campus:


The closest hotel to the CTTC is the Residence Inn by Marriott, which is within a 5 minute walking distance. Most other hotels are within a 10-15 minute driving range.

For more information, see "Boulder hotel information and maps".


The closest airport is Denver International Airport (DIA).

The first day of the workshop starts at 9:00 AM, so we recommend flying in the day before. The fourth (last) day of the workshop is an optional lab which only goes until 12:00 PM. You can choose to skip the lab and fly out that morning, or you can schedule your flight back for later that afternoon.

There are various transportation options for getting to and from the airport, and around Boulder. It takes about an hour to get to DIA from the CTTC.