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ParVis is a 3-year joint DOE project between Argonne National Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, and UC-Davis to create a suite of parallel tools and visualization techniques specifically for analyzing ultra-large climate datasets.

This project is highly focused on the needs of the user community. Two key components of ParVis are:

  • ParGAL (Parallel Gridded Analysis Library) - a parallelized computational library which will vastly improve the speed of climate data analysis.

  • ParNCL - ParGAL will be combined with Parallel NetCDF, MOAB, and Intrepid to parallelize components of NCL and create a new tool called ParNCL. Many of the popular dim_xxxx_n functions will be parallelized, along with the NetCDF reader/writer (via addfile).

A beta release of ParNCL is scheduled for July 2012, and an official release is scheduled for October 2012.

To receive announcements about ParVis software releases, beta test opportunities and other information, please subscribe to the parvis-ann mailing list.

For more information about ParVis, visit the ParVis wiki.

ParVis is sponsored by the Office of Biological and Environmental Research of U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science.