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Installing NCL with "conda"

You can you can download NCL versions 6.3.0 and higher using conda, a package management system that enables you to easily install software from the UNIX command line via a command like:

  conda install package_name

Install miniconda to get "conda"

If you don't already have "conda" installed on your system, then go to:

and select the appropriate "Python 2.7 64-bit bash installer" for your MacOSX or Linux system. (We do not have a pure Windows version of NCL.)

Follow the instructions for installing miniconda. When the installation is finished, you can test it quickly by typing the following from a UNIX terminal window:

  conda -V

This should echo something like "conda 4.5.4".

Note: you can also use these conda instructions with an Anaconda distribution.

Create a conda environment and install NCL

We recommend that you install NCL under a conda "environment", which we'll call ncl_stable. You can call it whatever you want.

From a UNIX terminal window in sh/bash mode, type:

  conda create -n ncl_stable -c conda-forge ncl
  source activate ncl_stable

You will need to run the "source activate ncl_stable" command every time you log out and log back in.

NCL development snapshot

We don't currently have an NCL development snapshot since NCL V6.5.0 was just released. We will update this section when we do have one.

Test NCL

From a UNIX terminal window, type:

  ncl -V
  ng4ex xy05n -clean -W png
The first command should echo "6.5.0".
The second command should produce the following "xy05n.png" PNG image:

Send questions or problems to ncl-install email list

If you have any questions or problems with getting NCL installed using conda, subscribe to ncl-install and email your question to